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Lower Back Pain Explained

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Lower Back Pain

Experiencing lower back pain can mean an issue with tendons, muscles, and other soft tissues located in that area. Highly sensitive nerves, small joints, or spinal discs could also be the cause of the pain you are suffering. Lower back pain is extremely common and the pain can vary in its severity. The type of lower back pain are classified into three categories.

Axial Low Back Pain

This is the most common type of back pain and is confined to the lower back only. It can be sharp or dull pain but can impede your ability to stand or walk. Doing certain physical activities can make it worse along with sitting for long periods of time. Fortunately, it is a short lived pain that can last from 6 to 12 weeks.

Lumbar Radiculopathy

Also known as sciatica, this is the second most common type of pain found in the lower back region. Unlike axial pain, Lumbar is caused by conditions in your body that compress the nerve roots of the sciatic nerve. The severe pain is found to be more in the leg than the back itself. Along with pain is numbness or weakness in the lower back, if at all, and on only one side of the lower body. It affects the buttock, leg, or foot.

Low Back Pain with Referred Pain

Similar to axial pain, low back pain with referred pain is a dull ache that radiates to the groin, buttock and upper thigh but rarely occurs below the knee. The ache will vary in intensities. It is very hard to pinpoint the specific source of this pain.

Lower Back Pain Care in Wilmington, NC

When lower back pain is coupled with fever, chills, leg weakness, or severe abdominal pain, then it is imperative that you seek out a doctor. Do not allow your lower back pain to grow worse and see a chiropractor today. At Russ Chiropractic, we can help alleviate back pain caused by a labor-intensive job, pregnancy, or just from a wrong move. Schedule an exam by calling our office at (910) 395-5066.