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Should I See a Chiropractor After a Slip and Fall Accident?

slip and fall

Why You Should See a Chiropractor After a Slip and Fall

Experiencing a slip and fall is many things; shocking, embarrassing, and physically painful. Many do not fully grasp the severity of a fall because they do not realize that their injuries become worse over time. Your body will experience a trauma that can lead to pinched nerves, neck pain, and long-lasting disabilities. These reasons are why it is imperative that you seek the aid of a healthcare professional, namely, a chiropractor.

How Your Chiropractor Can Help with a Slip and Fall Accident

Your joints, muscles, bones and ligaments are affected by a slip and fall accident. The spine is especially prone to injury since individuals tend to fall on their back.  When you land on your back, the joints that connect the spinal column can slip or drop and the joint will swell. This leads to severe back pain and muscles spasms. All of which is extremely uncomfortable for the individual and impairs their everyday living.

Injuries sustained in a slip and fall accident does not only affect a person’s body but their mental state as well. The severe and constant pain and lead to frustration and depression in the injured person. Think about the last time your body was sore from a good workout and amplify it and add pain. When your body is not able to function at 100% it is difficult to preserve a good quality of life. Again, not being able to function as you normally would is a great blow and affects your confidence.

A chiropractor offers relief from your injuries. It is a natural way to reduce pain that stems from the spinal cord, tissue, neck, and other musculoskeletal injuries. Chiropractors performs adjustments on your backbones to treat misalignments that interfere the function of the bones among other treatments. Once you feel relief from your injuries, you will see a vast improvement in your mood as well.

North Carolina Chiropractor for Slip and Fall Accident Relief

Residents of Wilmington, NC who have experienced a slip and fall accident can seek relief from Russ Chiropractic. Our knowledgeable chiropractors offer relief for back and neck pain. For additional information about services, please view our site. To schedule an exam, call our office at (910) 395- 5066.

How to Develop a Healthy Eating Habit

healthy eating habit

The Importance of Eating Healthy Foods

We all know that eating healthy benefits our bodies greatly. It is extremely difficult to eat healthy when your schedule is hectic. That is why many people opt for fast food as it is quick and easy. Over time, you will feel the effects of junk food. It starts by feeling lethargic, weight gain, and a myriad of health issues.
If you are experiencing any of these symptoms then your eating habits need improvement.

Implementing a Healthy Eating Habit

Talk to Your Doctor

Discuss any major lifestyle changes with your physician before they occur. Your doctor will be able to tell you what is safe for your health conditions. Be upfront with your doctor about why you want to make these changes. They will not only tell you what is safe but can offer up their own suggestions and refer you to a nutritional counselor.

Meet with a Nutritional Counselor

Nutrition experts are a great resource to have at your disposal. Discuss your goals with them and establish what you hope to achieve such as how many pounds you will want to lose and when. A nutritional counselor will offer their own suggestions.

Get on Schedule

A regular eating schedule will ensure that your body is satisfied throughout the day. Not eating often enough will lower your metabolism and cause cravings. Eat a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner around the same time every day. Pack a small snack for the time in-between.

Choose the Right Foods

Plan a breakfast that is high in fiber and protein. Studies have shown that a great breakfast will lead to better eating for the rest of the day. Scrambled eggs, cheese, and whole grain nuts are just a few great choices.

For the rest of your meals, you will want to incorporate fruits and vegetables along with your protein. Experiment with different fruits and vegetables to find what you like. Be sure to talk with your nutritionist to find out which foods are right for you as some healthy foods can still be high in carbohydrates and sugars.

Do not forget to keep yourself hydrated with plenty of water throughout the day. In some cases, your body is simply lacking water rather than being hungry.

Nutritional Counseling in Wilmington, NC

If you are in the Wilmington area and looking to make a nutritional change then seek the counseling found at Russ Chiropractic and Wellness Center. For additional information about our nutritional counseling, visit our site.


Different Types of Neck Pain

neck pain

A Common Ailment

The cervical spine is part of the anatomy that protects the part of the spinal cord that supports the head. It controls the motion and mobility of the head. The benefits of the design mean it is very flexible but leaves it susceptible to injury.
While neck pain is not as common as lower back pain, it still affects millions of people at one point in their life. The majority of those who experience this pain are fortunate as the pain will improve over time. There are the cases where the symptoms persist and can hint at a serious ailment.

Different Types of Neck Pain

Common neck pain includes stiffness in the back of your neck and shoulders. It may be a result of stress, an activity that harmed your neck, or a medical condition. A stiff neck is one example of common neck pain. The symptoms include difficulty moving the neck, especially moving it from one side to the other. A stiff neck will stem from a mild injury or simply sleeping in a position that has strained the neck muscles. The pain will last anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks depending on the severity.
On the other hand, chronic neck pain is far more serious than regular neck pain. The pain radiates from the neck down the arms and can go to the hands and fingers. Tingling or numbness in the arms and hands are also symptoms associated with the pain. Chronic neck pain is mainly caused by a pinched nerve in the neck stemming from a foraminal stenosis or herniated disc. Chronic neck pain can be relieved with medication and physical therapy.

Exercise to Relieve Neck Pain

Neck exercises are one form of treatment for neck pain. As with any form of exercises, they include stretching and targeting certain areas.
Neck stretches focus on the motion to relieve the stiffness that causes pain. Stretches are great for everyday use as it promotes the neck muscles’ elasticity.
There are also neck strengthening exercises that will improve posture which will lessen pain or reoccurrences of chronic conditions.

Neck Pain Care in Wilmington, CA

Before you conduct any exercises, seek the help from a medical professional. A physician coupled with a chiropractor will aid with pain relief. Wilmington residents can look to Russ Chiropractic and Wellness Center for neck pain care. For more information about our services, visit us online or schedule an appointment by calling (910)395-5066.


Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution


Restarting a Healthy Routine

Now that the New Year is upon us, many individuals have made a resolution to get back in shape. After all, it is very easy to fall out of the habit at the end of the year with holiday stress and yummy food surrounding us on a daily basis.
When it comes to getting back into an exercise routine after setting down your running shoes for months, injury can occur far more easily than you realize. Here are tips to ease you back into a healthy routine with little difficulty.

Tips for Getting Back into Shape

While you may have been a marathon runner before your break does not mean you should go out and run a 5K. Why? Because you run the risk of seriously injuring yourself because your muscles are no longer used to enduring that much movement. Tearing of the muscle, sprains, and spasms can occur when you go full-force rather than easing your way back into a routine.
Instead, start off with some power walking and light jogging until your body is back up to the level it was in before. Easing your way into exercise is what should be done for those who are looking to start exercising regularly. Since your body is not used to extra exertion, start off simple by taking a light walk for a half an hour every day. As an extra precaution, try splitting up your walks in 10-minute increments throughout the day.
Flexibility is key when it comes to exercise and that is why stretching is very important. Try simple stretching routines before you head out such as toe touches and windmills. You can also look into yoga to help your body readjust.

Chiropractic Care in North Carolina

Do not let the adjustment time discourage you from your healthy routine. Keep in mind that your progression will be based on time off and level of fitness. Guaranteed you are always improving your fitness level.

To ensure you are not knocked off track, be sure to visit a chiropractor for adjustments. Adjustments will keep your body in tip-top shape throughout your exercise routine. Wilmington residents can look to Russ Chiropractic for their adjustments. For more information about our chiropractic care and other services, peruse our site. Schedule an appointment by contacting our office (910)395-5066.

Getting in Shape for the Winter


The Toll Winter Can Take on Your Body

Winter is upon us and many outdoor enthusiasts are excited by the prospect of ice skating and skiing. Many people injury themselves participating in these sports due to accidents or simply because their body was not ready. The chill in the air can bring about pain in older joints if you do not bundle up. Here are some tips to prevent injury to your body this winter.

Prevent the Freezing Weather from Driving You Inside

There is a great emphasis placed upon prepping your body for the summer, but it is just as important to get your body in winter shape. A winter-ready body does not require dieting, instead, all you need to do is some light exercising and stretching.
Athletes know that a proper warm-up will reduce the risk of injury when participating in strenuous activity. Before heading out on the slopes or ice, take a few moments to limber up. Sets of squats, lunges, knee-to-chest stretches will prevent your muscles from contracting during the activity and causing an accident. Light stretches after any activity will restore flexibility. Experts also recommend walking or light jogging for 10 minutes before heading out.
Winter sports are not the only activities that can cause pain, something as simple as shoveling snow can cause pain. It is more strenuous than one might think and being exposed to the harsh weather affects older joints greatly. Shoveling snow causes you to use your back muscles and legs, so do some light stretches to avoid throwing out your back. Avoid straining your muscles and lift with your legs, take a break if the activity becomes too much. Wear layered clothing to keep your muscles warm and flexible as joints can become inflamed in the extreme cold weather.

Wilmington Chiropractic Care

Sustaining an injury calls for a trip to your local chiropractor. A therapy session with an adjustment is the cure to back and joint pain you sustain out in the cold. You do not want to spend all of winter indoors after all.

At Russ Chiropractic and Wellness Center, we provide the services you need to combat any pain you sustain this winter. For additional information or to schedule an appointment, contact our office at (910)395-5066.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care During Your Pregnancy


Pregnancy and Chiropractic Care

Pregnancy is a miraculous moment in a woman’s life but as your pregnancy progresses so does the stress on your body. Discomfort begins to develop and your center of gravity shifts and the displaced weight increases stress on your joints and back. A visit to the chiropractor can set this to rights. One thing pregnant women want to know, is it safe? The answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Is Chiropractic Care Safe during Pregnancy?

Getting a massage or other chiropractic care while you are pregnant is completely safe. It enables you to maintain spinal, disc, nerves, and bone health without the use of drugs or surgery. Plus chiropractors are trained to work with pregnant women with some practicing solely on women who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant.
You will find tables that adjust specially for women and use techniques that do not place unneeded pressure on the abdomen. Chiropractors will also provide exercises that are safe to do while pregnant.

Reasons to See a Chiropractor While Pregnant

Now that you know it is safe, you may be wondering why you want to see a chiropractor in the first place. The answer is found in the way your body feels and changes while your baby is growing. We have already discussed the aches and pains that were not there before, which a chiropractor can easily help fix.
Seeing a chiropractor can enable you to have an easier delivery as well. Misaligned spines are a normal occurrence during pregnancy but can reduce the amount of room available for your baby, which can make it difficult for your baby to get into delivery position. If you are set on having a natural birth, taking the necessary steps to ensure delivery goes well will start with a pelvis and spinal alignment. The latter adjustment also enables your body to work at its best during delivery.

Pregnancy Chiropractic Care in Wilmington, NC

Do not wait until you are pregnant, visiting beforehand will ensure your body is in tip-top shape for your bundle of joy. If you are ready to make an appointment. Wilmington residents can visit Russ Chiropractic and Wellness Center. Our chiropractors work with you to ensure you are feeling your greatest at all times, even post baby. For more information, contact us at (910)395-5066.

Coping with Stress


Stress Management

There are days when all of life’s pressures can accumulate to the point where they become overwhelming. Bills that have piled up, chores needing to be done, and other responsibilities may weigh heavily upon you. You have more control over the stress than you think. It is all about identifying what the cause and finding ways to manage it. Here we have provided a few tips and tricks to help you ward off unnecessary stress in your life.

Identifying Stress and Coping

Everyone has their own responses to stressful situations which is why there is no one way for individuals to deal with it. It always helps people to realize that no matter how stress makes you feel, you have control over your life and can change your feelings of stress.
First you must identify what is causing you stress. Is it because of a major life change such as a new job or losing a loved one? Major sources of stress tend to be easier to identify over small, everyday events that can cause stress. Meeting work deadlines or procrastination may be the everyday things in life causing you stress. Take a moment to figure out which aspects of your life are causing you stress and then create a plan to cope.
The ways you cope with stress can also be a hindrance to your health. Smoking, drinking, and procrastinating are all ways individuals may deal with stress. Instead, try to figure out coping methods that will add a positive habit into your life. Exercise is the number one way to deal with stress. This does not mean you have to hit the gym but take about 10-30 minutes a day to go for a walk can help significantly. Make social time to catch up with friends and family as they provide comfort and strength. Learning to avoid unnecessary stress is a great way to cut it down. Know when to say “No” by understanding your limits and stay away from people who cause you stress.

Stress Therapy in Wilmington, NC

You may be surprised to find that your chiropractor can offer stress management. At Russ Chiropractic and Wellness Center, we provide individuals going through a rough time the support they need deal with stress. Whether your career, relationship, or finances are giving you grief, we have the techniques to help you cope. For additional information, visit our site or contact our office for additional information.

Caring For Your Children through Chiropractic Care


Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Children

There has been an increase in chronic childhood diseases and that has caused parents to search for alternative forms of treatment. Chiropractic care is a form that is effective as well as affordable and is non-invasive and drug free. The latter points are perfect for children since there is minimal to zero pain and parents can breathe easy knowing there children will not be given unnecessary drugs. Here are specific ways chiropractic hair can help your children.

Reasons to Choose Chiropractic Care for Your Child

Birth trauma, sports injuries, and other accidental injuries are examples of acute conditions that are treated with chiropractic care. Some benefits it provides are spinal alignments to improve health. If your child’s vertebral joints are misaligned during birth or from an accident, muscles and nerves can also be affected and will cause additional health problems.
Chronic conditions can also be helped through chiropractic care. Asthma and allergy sufferers may have a treatment with chiropractic care. As well as patterns of ADHD. While there is still research being conducted on how effective treatment is for chronic conditions, patients have responded well.
There is also ongoing research when it comes to chiropractic care’s ability to act as a preventative form of medicine. Spinal alignments done at a young age may prevent or delay degenerative bone and joint disease such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. So far, there has been major success when done consistently.

Chiropractic Care for Children in Wilmington, NC

Ultimately taking your child to the doctor’s office from a very young age will instill the value of being proactive about their health. It will become a habit so they will continue to seek treatment when needed and having great health all of their lives. There will be less fear of their lives of doctors and will not deny health problems.
At Russ Chiropractic, we provide the services your children require to lead a healthier lifestyle. If your children suffers from misaligned spines from birth to chronic earaches alter in life, we can provide relief through chiropractic care. For additional information or to book an appointment, contact us at (910)395-5066.

Surprising Benefits of a Massage


Massage Therapy

It is common knowledge that massage therapy aids in relieving stress. While that is reason enough to schedule a massage there are many other reasons to have a massage. From alleviating pain caused by sitting all day to easing muscle pain. Here are a few surprising ways you can use massage therapy.

Astounding Benefits of Massage

Those with a desk job can attest to suffering from some kind of postural stress. Often pain manifests in the lower back or neck and shoulders. Desk workers have a more advanced forms of postural stress due to sitting for longer periods of time. A regular massage can counteract this pain since massage is well known for easing muscle pain.
For those who suffer from anxiety and depression, touch can be extremely therapeutic. Studies have shown that individuals who were depressed and anxious we more relaxed and happy receiving a massage. This is due to the fact that human touch is safe and friendly and when done professionally can be soothing.
With relaxation comes the ability to sleep. Sufferers of insomnia and even new parents will be glad to hear this news. Massage promotes relaxation allowing you to fall into a restorative sleep. Studies have shown babies who receive the calming therapy sleep more and cry less.
There was also a study performed in 2010 and was published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine that gauged the count of white cells when receiving a massage. Patients were found to have there was an increase which show that a massage can boost immunity as white cells play a vital role in defending the body from disease.
Instead of reaching for the pain relievers the next time you suffer from a mind-splitting headache, try to book a massage. Since they decrease frequency and severity of tension headaches they have an immediate effect when it comes to reducing them.

Chiropractic Care in Wilmington, NC

AAs you can see the benefits of massage go far beyond relieving stress. It can aid in alleviating physical pains as well as other mental stress. At Russ Chiropractic and Wellness Center we offer massage therapy for those who need the mental or physical relief. Our therapy includes massages for children as well. For additional information or to book an appointment, contact us at (910)395-5066.

Back to Back- Symptoms and Causes of Back Pain

back massage

Back Pain

Back pain can be anything from a dull, constant ache to a sharp pain that makes it difficult to move. These symptoms can stem from older age or an injury. The most important things you should not do when experiencing back aches is to ignore them.

Cause of Back Pain

• Everyone gets back pain and some point in time. Those who get regular back pain are those who are older since it is a common symptom that comes with aging. Some may experience back pain as young as 30 to 40 years old.
• Those who have poor physical fitness will also experience pain. Or being overweight, since too much weight can place stress on your back causing pain.
• Heredity and diseases contribute to back problems as well. Arthritis and some types of cancers can lead to a back condition.
• If you have a physically demanding job that requires heavy lifting, pushing, or twisting your body then that may contribute to significant back pain. Alternatively, sitting slouched at a desk all day can also contribute to a poor back.
• Smoking can lead to a myriad of health problems, including problems with your back. Since smoking disables your body from absorbing the nutrients it needs to stay healthy, the disks in your back begin to suffer.

Back Pain Prevention

If you are wondering if back pain can be prevented, then the answer is yes. The simplest ways to go about this are by:
• Exercising regularly to keep your back muscles strong.
• Maintain a healthy weight by, again exercising, and a diet which includes enough calcium and vitamin D to help your bones.
• Also stand or sit up as straight as you can. Be sure to avoid heavy lifting, but if you cannot avoid it then be sure to bend with your knees while keeping your back straight.

Back Pain Chiropractic Care in Wilmington, NC

If you have experienced back pain then you should seek out a chiropractor. At Russ Chiropractic and Wellness Center, we can help you with your back problems by determining the cause through an exam and offering a services to alleviate your symptoms. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact us at (910)395-5066.