Coping with Stress


Stress Management

There are days when all of life’s pressures can accumulate to the point where they become overwhelming. Bills that have piled up, chores needing to be done, and other responsibilities may weigh heavily upon you. You have more control over the stress than you think. It is all about identifying what the cause and finding ways to manage it. Here we have provided a few tips and tricks to help you ward off unnecessary stress in your life.

Identifying Stress and Coping

Everyone has their own responses to stressful situations which is why there is no one way for individuals to deal with it. It always helps people to realize that no matter how stress makes you feel, you have control over your life and can change your feelings of stress.
First you must identify what is causing you stress. Is it because of a major life change such as a new job or losing a loved one? Major sources of stress tend to be easier to identify over small, everyday events that can cause stress. Meeting work deadlines or procrastination may be the everyday things in life causing you stress. Take a moment to figure out which aspects of your life are causing you stress and then create a plan to cope.
The ways you cope with stress can also be a hindrance to your health. Smoking, drinking, and procrastinating are all ways individuals may deal with stress. Instead, try to figure out coping methods that will add a positive habit into your life. Exercise is the number one way to deal with stress. This does not mean you have to hit the gym but take about 10-30 minutes a day to go for a walk can help significantly. Make social time to catch up with friends and family as they provide comfort and strength. Learning to avoid unnecessary stress is a great way to cut it down. Know when to say “No” by understanding your limits and stay away from people who cause you stress.

Stress Therapy in Wilmington, NC

You may be surprised to find that your chiropractor can offer stress management. At Russ Chiropractic and Wellness Center, we provide individuals going through a rough time the support they need deal with stress. Whether your career, relationship, or finances are giving you grief, we have the techniques to help you cope. For additional information, visit our site or contact our office for additional information.