Double Exercise Efforts with a Partner

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Working Out with a Partner

For some, the act of exercising is always an exciting prospect that soon grows old and is let by the wayside. If this describes you then you are not alone. One cure for the disintegrating motivation you feel is by going at it with a partner.

Whether it is your friend or significant other, having someone else at the gym or walking partner can make all the difference. Studies have shown that exercising with another person leads to better results.

The Benefits of Working Out with Another Person

Increased Motivation

Everyone knows that skipping one day of workouts is a slippery slope. One day can lead to three days. By the time you realize it, it has been months since you last worked out. A partner works to hold you accountable. Bailing on a friend is much harder than yourself.

Work Harder

Working out with a partner will also intensify the workout. Not only do you want to keep up with your partner but you have someone you can compete with. Set small challenges for you and your partner to complete. Be sure that you pick a partner who is at the same athletic level as you. It will allow you both to grow in your abilities without hurting yourselves.

Try New Things

Is there a dance class you want to try? Or has hot yoga sparked your interest? It is easier to try new workouts when you have someone to try them with you. Come up with a list of workouts you would like to try with your partner. Picked the ones you are both willing to do and sign up! Even if it is a bust, you tried it together.

Workouts are Fun

Exercise does not have to boring and it definitely is not when you have a friend to workout with. Plus it is another way to connect with your partner. Time flies by when you can walk and talk or chit chat between sets.

Wellness in Wilmington, North Carolina

Are you having a hard time finding a partner to exercise with? At Russ Chiropractic and Wellness Center, we promote healthy living through our health programs. We offer workshops for healthy eating and exercise programs. Our walking group will pair you with other like-minded individuals. For more information about our services, please contact our office at 910.395.5066.