Getting in Shape for the Winter


The Toll Winter Can Take on Your Body

Winter is upon us and many outdoor enthusiasts are excited by the prospect of ice skating and skiing. Many people injury themselves participating in these sports due to accidents or simply because their body was not ready. The chill in the air can bring about pain in older joints if you do not bundle up. Here are some tips to prevent injury to your body this winter.

Prevent the Freezing Weather from Driving You Inside

There is a great emphasis placed upon prepping your body for the summer, but it is just as important to get your body in winter shape. A winter-ready body does not require dieting, instead, all you need to do is some light exercising and stretching.
Athletes know that a proper warm-up will reduce the risk of injury when participating in strenuous activity. Before heading out on the slopes or ice, take a few moments to limber up. Sets of squats, lunges, knee-to-chest stretches will prevent your muscles from contracting during the activity and causing an accident. Light stretches after any activity will restore flexibility. Experts also recommend walking or light jogging for 10 minutes before heading out.
Winter sports are not the only activities that can cause pain, something as simple as shoveling snow can cause pain. It is more strenuous than one might think and being exposed to the harsh weather affects older joints greatly. Shoveling snow causes you to use your back muscles and legs, so do some light stretches to avoid throwing out your back. Avoid straining your muscles and lift with your legs, take a break if the activity becomes too much. Wear layered clothing to keep your muscles warm and flexible as joints can become inflamed in the extreme cold weather.

Wilmington Chiropractic Care

Sustaining an injury calls for a trip to your local chiropractor. A therapy session with an adjustment is the cure to back and joint pain you sustain out in the cold. You do not want to spend all of winter indoors after all.

At Russ Chiropractic and Wellness Center, we provide the services you need to combat any pain you sustain this winter. For additional information or to schedule an appointment, contact our office at (910)395-5066.