Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution


Restarting a Healthy Routine

Now that the New Year is upon us, many individuals have made a resolution to get back in shape. After all, it is very easy to fall out of the habit at the end of the year with holiday stress and yummy food surrounding us on a daily basis.
When it comes to getting back into an exercise routine after setting down your running shoes for months, injury can occur far more easily than you realize. Here are tips to ease you back into a healthy routine with little difficulty.

Tips for Getting Back into Shape

While you may have been a marathon runner before your break does not mean you should go out and run a 5K. Why? Because you run the risk of seriously injuring yourself because your muscles are no longer used to enduring that much movement. Tearing of the muscle, sprains, and spasms can occur when you go full-force rather than easing your way back into a routine.
Instead, start off with some power walking and light jogging until your body is back up to the level it was in before. Easing your way into exercise is what should be done for those who are looking to start exercising regularly. Since your body is not used to extra exertion, start off simple by taking a light walk for a half an hour every day. As an extra precaution, try splitting up your walks in 10-minute increments throughout the day.
Flexibility is key when it comes to exercise and that is why stretching is very important. Try simple stretching routines before you head out such as toe touches and windmills. You can also look into yoga to help your body readjust.

Chiropractic Care in North Carolina

Do not let the adjustment time discourage you from your healthy routine. Keep in mind that your progression will be based on time off and level of fitness. Guaranteed you are always improving your fitness level.

To ensure you are not knocked off track, be sure to visit a chiropractor for adjustments. Adjustments will keep your body in tip-top shape throughout your exercise routine. Wilmington residents can look to Russ Chiropractic for their adjustments. For more information about our chiropractic care and other services, peruse our site. Schedule an appointment by contacting our office (910)395-5066.